A Sustainable Clothing Brand

All items found on my site are second-hand sourced and repurposed with love. Each item is original and one of a kind, allowing you to shop sustainably and with a purpose. Your item will be unique in itself and to you because no one else will ever have the same item. By shopping GREENWRLD, you are not only combatting the toxic fast fashion industry, but also supporting me, a real person and my hard work.

Thank you for being here, I am excited to continue my creative journey along with your support.

The Face Behind the Business

Maddy Doane, a full time college student-athlete at UCLA

I created this business at the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020. Since then I’ve given over 1,000 repurposed items new and loving homes. From sourcing, producing, creating, shipping, marketing, and selling, I manage all aspects of the business. This brand has become my passion and I feel so grateful to be able to share it with the world.